Name meaning: You are the ruler of your own style. adj. 1. (of yourself, crew, organisation or tribal bodies) you are not controlled by outside forces or judged by others 2. greatest in status or authority or power, second to no one!

We are a high-end, urban fashion brand that is inspired by the culture and the unique personalities that make our world interesting. This is who we are and the tribe we belong to.

The reversed letter “a” is inspired by the spelling of “sovereign” in the dictionary. Not only did this give us the opportunity to be unique in the way we write our name, but it also represents our vision that we are individuals & should stand out, not fit in. The reversed ‘a’ communicates this well as it stands out & does not follow the others.

The crown and spear represent the meaning of our name and the driving element behind our Brand’s culture and beliefs: 1. You are the ruler of your own style. The leader of your crew, organisation or tribal bodies. You are not controlled by outside forces or judged by others.

Below are a some brand elements that represent city buildings and streets, but if you look closer they are also patterns and stitchings-which represent the fashion side of our brand.

Inspired by urban grid layouts, signs, and architecture, but also the artforms and hidden markings on the streets and walls you can spot if you look close enough-as if they were left behind as clues or directions. Combing the “E” at the end of “culture” and the “U” of “urban” gave us an interesting modern graphic that could be part of a language or a clue left behind. The code brackets represent the modern, tech side of our brand, but also supports the idea of “Decoding Urban-Culture for future generations to follow”.

We use clean layouts, open space & elegant colours to give a feeling of royalty, confidence, and a sense of calm within this high paced urban world we live. We have selected a classical Serif font & modern Sans Serif font for our Brand. This gives us a good range to work with and represents the mixing styles of ornate designs & the bold, grid shapes we find in urban landscapes.

Its more than the streets we live in and the clothes we wear. It is the art-forms, dance moves, languages we speak, beats we create and the friendships we make that form our culture.

“Seamus gave the more positive experience. I have dealt with many designers and non have been more accommodating to our needs. Responded promptly and was able to design what we needed on short notice. Will definitely be hiring him again for future assignments”

Nickolas Tieu

Brand ID, logo & Messaging, ˈSɒvrɪn